Smart Pricer - Ticketmaster Integration Announcement

April 19, 2017

Berlin, Germany, March 21st, 2017 – We are excited to share our most recent news on integrating Smart Pricer's intelligent pricing software with Ticketmaster’s open ticketing platform. We are proud to be the first Ticketmaster Nexus partner outside North America. 

Around the globe Smart Pricer has a proven track record of + 5 - 15% ticket revenue increase in the sport, entertainment and cinema industry. Going forward both companies will effectively make use of Ticketmaster's open ticketing platform, leveraging Ticketmaster's robust set of APIs to provide value adding services to venues, sports clubs and promoters.  The integration will offer a number of benefits to Ticketmaster clients, especially in three main areas: 

  1. Pricing Know-How: Smart Pricer’s team of experts has over 10 years experience in airline pricing and has performed thousands of price optimizations in various industries. Together we understand customer behaviour and get pricing right.
  2. Data Analytics: Using big-data techniques, Smart Pricer’s data scientists identify demand patterns in data or build automated demand predictions for clients. Together we use these insights to optimize your product offering and price mix.
  3. Dynamic Pricing Software: Clients have access to Smart Pricer’s intelligent pricing software. The Service includes adjusting prices in real-time based on pre-sales, time of booking, weather and other critical demand drivers.

Franz Blechschmidt, co-founder and Managing Director of Smart Pricer, a Berlin based company which is specialized in applying airline-type dynamic pricing in the sports, cinema and entertainment industry, said, "We are excited to be Ticketmaster’s first Nexus partner outside North America. Through our partnership, we can offer clients direct access to our pricing know-how and technology. We see great potential in this partnership and are looking forward to boosting ticketing revenue”.

Nexus is Ticketmaster’s Certified Partner Program open to innovative product and service providers that complement Ticketmaster’s Ticketing Services.

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