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The decreasing number of visitors in the recent years makes covering the increasing operational costs more difficult. Dynamic pricing helps increase revenues by attracting more guests on low-demand days and capturing the willingness to pay on high-demand days. Application across other sports and leisure venues showed positive customer acceptance and +5 – 10% higher revenues. We believe in backend solutions that allow you to sell through your own website and app.

How does dynamic pricing work for ski resorts?

Our ski customer, St. Moritz, explains how dynamic pricing works for their customers!


Typical goals for ski resorts and cable car operators

how can our services help you achieve your goals?

  • How do the visitor structure and price strategy look today?
  • Which strategic goals do we want to achieve with a new pricing strategy?
  • Which factors influence demand the most?

  • 360° Analysis of historic demand data
  • Draft of 2-3 options for a more dynamic pricing model + simulation of price and revenue scenarios
  • Support with customer and partner communication

  • Setup of interfaces for the ticketing system, webshop etc.
  • Access to Pricing Dashboard
  • Real-time insights and reporting

Typical customer results

+5% - 15%

Attendance at off peak times

+5% - 10%

Revenue uplift

+10% - 30%

Increased online share

"Smart Pricer offers a unique combination of price consulting, analytics and software. They helped us develop a dynamic pricing scheme and customized their software to manage the new scheme effectively.''

- Sandra Stockinger, Head of Marketing & Sales, Zermatt Bergbahnen AG

Ski FAQ’s


  • With purposeful introduction, customers and employees are willing to accept the new pricing model
  • Total revenues generally increase by + 5–10% with additionally increased online shares
  • The introduction of dynamic pricing is usually feasible within a few weeks
  • The input of price chances can be done manually or automatically via interfaces with your ticketing system
  • The choice is yours. Dynamic pricing works “up” and “down”
  • We recommend a dynamization around the current price level: on peak days a bit higher, and on weak days a bit lower
  • We recommend communication with “Price from…”, for example, “Tickets from 45 EUR”
  • Your customers are already familiar with this concept from airlines, hotels, rental cars etc.


20 March - Laax, Switzerland



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