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Pricing is one of the most powerful tools to drive ticket sales and increase revenue. Smart Pricer uses innovative data science techniques to understand demand and optimize prices.

We help with consulting, analytics and dynamic pricing software.


Smart Pricer’s team of pricing experts has over 10 years of experience in airline pricing and has performed millions of price optimizations. Together with your team, we lead data driven consulting projects to help you understand customer behavior and get pricing right.


Using big-data techniques, Smart Pricer’s data scientists can help identify demand patterns in your data or build automated demand predictions for you. Together with you we use these insights to optimize your product offering and price mix.

Dynamic Pricing Software

By combining automated demand forecasting with our pricing knowledge, we can customize our pricing software to your needs. Adjusting prices in real-time based on pre-sales, time of booking, weather and other critical demand drivers.



How does dynamic pricing work for ski resorts?

Our ski customer, St. Moritz, explains how dynamic pricing works for their customers!













Smart Pricer Publications

In this white paper we review the development of attendance, ticket revenue and ticket prices over the last years. We examine the pricing models of the top German chains and look at the pricing innovations that may shape the next years.

Smart Pricer German Cinema Pricing White Paper

In this case study we explain the demand forecasting and price optimization at one of European multiplex. We show different dynamic pricing implementation models tailored for specific cinema with insides into the Smart Pricer tool.

Application of Dynamic Pricing at European Multiplex

In this case study we explain the approach used by Smart Pricer to determine Classictic customer's willingness to pay by using A/B testing. Case study shows the used approach in details and presents the final recommendations for Classictic based on A/B testing results.

Using A/B testing to determine the willingness to pay

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