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At Smart Pricer we believe that our success as a company lies within our team.
We value smart people with a passion for challenging the status-quo and thinking out of the box. We balance the hard work to deliver value to our customers with joint team activities and fun at the work place. We offer extensive coaching and growth opportunities to every team member and encourage everyone to help make Smart Pricer a great place to work at.

Who we are looking for?

  • Entrepreneurs and engineers intrinsically motivated and passionate about exploring
  • People who share our vision to revolutionize pricing and want to work together towards it
  • Teammates who value open communication and want to grow
  • True team players that support each other
  • Being at the forefront of innovation attitude

What do we focus on in 100%?

Seeing problems through the eyes of our customers
Sharing knowledge and sharing decisions
Coaching and empowering each other

From intern to Manager of Business Development

Smart Pricer, employee, KevinHi. I’m Kevin, 27 years of age and Manager of Business Development at Smart Pricer. While searching for internships as part of my Bachelor’s thesis in August 2016, I came across a Business Development Intern position at Smart Pricer. After reading about the company, I immediately knew that this could be a great place for the next step of my career. I was driven by the challenge of working with big names in sports and entertainment, and intrigued by the vision of the company to make ticket pricing more dynamic.

During my internship, every day was an exciting challenge for me. I learnt many valuable skills including how to manage and lead big client projects with clubs like Hertha BSC and skiing resorts like Zermatt in Switzerland, how to understand and fulfill customers’ needs and how dynamic pricing works. From the very start, it was also clear that there was a strong and friendly team spirit in the office. As well as working well and having fun together, I learn lot from the team, as everybody is eager to explain something from their specific field that another might not have known before. Smart Pricer combines both a highly professional work attitude and a team where everyone trusts and relies on each other.

After my internship, I was offered a full time position in Business Development which I gladly accepted, and still, there is barely a day where I don’t learn something new. I suppose the two most important things for me at my job are to enjoy the work I am doing, and to enjoy the team I am working with, and this is exactly what I have found here. Working at Smart Pricer helps me a lot to grow professionally and personally.



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